Saturday, December 27, 2008

HIGH MOON: Best Damned Comic of 2008!

The super-excellent blog, The Daily Cross Hatch currently has this rather excellent article online article that you may not have checked out. It's called:

The Best Damned Comics of 2008 Chosen By The Artists

Could that be HIGH MOON we see listed?

Why, yes it is.

Thank you, Daily Cross Hatch!

Tristan Macgregor Spin-Off?

Over the last three weeks, I have gotten dozens e-mails in regards to a Tristan Macgregor / HIGH MOON spin-off series. The response to Tristan has simply been awesome - which is pretty rad. But, we've gotten so many requests that I thought I'd make this public announcement.

If you'd like to see Tristan in his own steampunk western spin-off series, send your request to - and let your voice be heard.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Young Raven progression

For those of you hankering for more High Moon, I decided to let out a few more sketches of things. Here is the progression of how Young Raven came to be. The first sketches date back to almost a year ago.....

Young Raven is meant to be a Cherokee character, so she is dressed in a version of a Cherokee raven costume. As she developed, I wanted her to have the black shining eyes of a Raven. So black the light is sucked into them. They glimmer with light from reflection. It's amazing that so much research can be distilled into as simple images as these...