Saturday, April 25, 2009

What you were never meant to see ...

In the course of creating HIGH MOON, I tend to doodle quite a bit. These doodles help me break down my rather compliacted ideas into more manageable, bite-sized pieces. These doodles also help Steve Ellis understand exactly how I percieve a particular page. 

Here are two such doodles from some pages of HIGH MOON created on my tablet PC:

So, when you see these pages online, I think you'll understand why I stick to writing. 


Monday, April 20, 2009

Steve Ellis illustrates for Marvel

Look for this to hit the stands in July for Marvel Comics!

Written by JOHN ARCUDI
Penciled by STEVE ELLIS
Variant Cover by MARCOS MARTIN
Marvel continues its historic anniversary celebration – by unleashing the Mighty Destroyer! Before the Punisher there was another one-man army with a skull on his chest! Travel back with us to the desperate days of World War II, when the mystery-shrouded, merciless man with no face struck at the heart of Nazi Germany, deep behind enemy lines! Who is the Destroyer? What is his secret mission? And what does he want with a heavily defended train...and the simple journalist who rides in it? Find out as writer John Arcudi (B.P.R.D.) and artist Steve Ellis (High Moon) unite to shine a cold, hard light on the unstoppable weapon of vengeance! Plus: A classic Mighty Destroyer reprint from ALL WINNERS #3!
48 PGS./New & Reprints/Rated A ...$3.99