Sunday, July 8, 2012

San Diego Comic Con 2012

In less than two weeks, Steve Ellis and I will be attending Comic Con International (also referred to as SDCC). At our booth 2206, we’ll have plenty of copies of HIGH MOONBOX 13, and our brand new series THE ONLY LIVING BOY for sale. In addition to these print editions, you’ll also find cool original art for sale as well and prints. 
Better still? Steve will be taking pre-con / pre-orders commissions for the show.    
The prices are:
Head Sketch: $40 (Black & White)
Head & Torso Sketch: $75 (Black & White) 
Full Figure with Background: $200 (Black & White)*
Full Figure with Background: $250 (Some Color)* 
* Please inquire for commissions with multiple characters
Illustrations will be done with some pencil and ink on 11x14 2-ply Bristol board, unless requested otherwise. 
Steve’s schedule will fill up fast during the show. To put in your request for a pre-order, e-mail him at with REQUEST FOR COMMISSION in the subject line. Half of your payment will be required upfront via Paypal. The other half will be required upon completion of the sketch. For more information, please contact