Sunday, July 8, 2012

San Diego Comic Con 2012

In less than two weeks, Steve Ellis and I will be attending Comic Con International (also referred to as SDCC). At our booth 2206, we’ll have plenty of copies of HIGH MOONBOX 13, and our brand new series THE ONLY LIVING BOY for sale. In addition to these print editions, you’ll also find cool original art for sale as well and prints. 
Better still? Steve will be taking pre-con / pre-orders commissions for the show.    
The prices are:
Head Sketch: $40 (Black & White)
Head & Torso Sketch: $75 (Black & White) 
Full Figure with Background: $200 (Black & White)*
Full Figure with Background: $250 (Some Color)* 
* Please inquire for commissions with multiple characters
Illustrations will be done with some pencil and ink on 11x14 2-ply Bristol board, unless requested otherwise. 
Steve’s schedule will fill up fast during the show. To put in your request for a pre-order, e-mail him at with REQUEST FOR COMMISSION in the subject line. Half of your payment will be required upfront via Paypal. The other half will be required upon completion of the sketch. For more information, please contact 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Deadlands DEVIL'S SIX GUN tour

David Gallaher and Steve Ellis (High Moon, Box 13) tour New England to debut their new comic, Deadlands! There will be a limited edition Deadlands #1 available with a cover you can only get on this tour! Brought to you by the New England Comic Retailer Alliance (NECRA).

Please note that the times may be changed prior to the event due to travel requirements of the creators.

Saturday June 25th

noon – 2pm
Friendly Neighborhood Comics
191 Mechanic Street (Route 140), Bellingham, MA
RSVP on Facebook!

3pm – 4pm
Larry’s Comics
68 Lakeview Avenue Lowell, MA 01850

5pm – 6pm
Chris’s Cards & Comics
341 S. Broadway, Salem, NH 03079

Sunday June 26th

10am – 12pm
Jetpack Comics
37 North Main Street, Rochester, NH

1pm – 2pm
Double Midnight Comics
245 Maple St, Unit 11, Manchester, NH 03103

Click here for more details!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Deadlands:The Devil's Six Gun TOUR!

Steve Ellis and David Gallaher will be touring New England the weekend of June 25th to promote DEADLANDS: THE DEVIL'S SIX GUN from Image Comics. What you are seeing is an EXCLUSIVE variant regional cover for the book, due in stories June 15th.

Stay tuned for more details!

Monday, May 16, 2011

High Moon Fan Trailer

Check out this fun HIGH MOON fan trailer --

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

MTV Geek features Gallaher & Ellis

MTV GEEK interviews Steve Ellis and David Gallaher about their success with HIGH MOON, the conclusion of BOX 13, and the upcoming DEADLANDS one-shot for Image Comics.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Only Living Boy in New York

When Steve Ellis and I aren't working on HIGH MOON, BOX 13, DEADLANDS or DARKSTAR & THE WINTER GUARD, we keep ourselves entertained creating all sorts of fun and interesting projects, like this one -

[click to embiggen]

A simple story of a boy looking for his family in a big city.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gallaher & Ellis return to the wild west with DEADLANDS!

On June 15th 2011, the Harvey-Award-Winning team of David Gallaher and Steve Ellis return to the Wild West with DEADLANDS: THE DEVIL'S SIX GUN - the first in a series of self-contained one-shots from Image Comics and Visionary Comics.

You can read more about this exciting new project here!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Birthday George Romero

This was for Drawbridge's blog today!

I just thought I'd share it around!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

For Your Consideration: The Harvey Awards

2009 Harvey Award Nomination Ballots Online Now!

Download PDF (color) Nomination Ballot

E-Mail Submission:

Ballot Deadline March 28, 2011

The Harvey Awards nomination process has begun for comic and industry professionals.
This year, Steve Ellis, Scott O Brown, and I are eligible for the following categories:

David Gallaher: HIGH MOON
David Gallaher: BOX 13

Steve Ellis: HIGH MOON
Steve Ellis: BOX 13

Scott O. Brown: HIGH MOON
Scott O. Brown: BOX 13

Steve Ellis: HIGH MOON
Steve Ellis: BOX 13

Steve Ellis: HIGH MOON
Steve Ellis: BOX 13

Steve Ellis: BOX 13



BOX 13: RED 5 COMICS / comiXology

BOX 13:

Other eligible projects we enjoyed this year, that you might want to consider include: Valerie D'Orazio's PUNISHER: BUTTERFLY (single issue or story) and EMMA FROST: ORIGINS (single issue or story), Kevin Colden's I RULE THE NIGHT (online comics work), AVENGERS ACADEMY (new series), Daniel Govar's AZURE (online comics work), GIRL COMICS (anthology), 27 (new series), THE NIGHT OWLS (domestic reprint), and IN MAPS AND LEGENDS (online comics work).

Beyond the books we listed, there were several other spectacular projects that came out this past year. Our team worked hard to develop some fun and exciting comics, but so did many, many others. We hope you take the time to nominate the projects you enjoyed and we thank you for your continued support.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

High Moon Tribute Art: Igor Glushkin

Talented artist, Igor Glushkin, had this fun sketch of HIGH MOON's Macgregor to pass along. Dig Igor's art? Check out his DeviantArt page or visit him on Twitter!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

31 Days of HIGH MOON: Happy Birthday Zuda Comics

This month we've been celebrating the anniversary of HIGH MOON, which launched three years ago this day -- at approximately this time on the Zuda Comics website. Not so coincidentally, Zuda Comics also launched on this time, on this day, three years ago.

This is their celebration as much as it is ours.

HIGH MOON wouldn't be what it is without the integrity, hard work, and incredible determination of folks like Kwanza Johnson, Ron Perazza, Nika Vagner, Dave McCullough, Mike Zagari, Micheal Wright, Jessica Numsuwankijkul, Maria Cabardo, Paul Levitz, and many others. We owe our success to you -- and we can't possibly thank you enough.

Thank you ... and Happy Birthday!

Friday, October 29, 2010

31 Days of HIGH MOON: Twitter and Facebook Offer

Steve and I have had a lot of fun celebrating High Moon's third birthday with you -- and we'd like to give something back to you -- the fans who have supported us over these last few years.

We have assorted HIGH MOON swag bags to give away* - for the first twenty-five people who change their Twitter or Facebook avatars to a character from HIGH MOON for the duration of October 30th.

Here are the official details:
- The offer begins on October 30th.
- You should follow me and Steve Ellis on Twitter.
- You have to change to avatar to a character (or monster) from HIGH MOON.
- Twitter users must include this tag in their tweet: #highmoon
- Facebook users must tag the HIGH MOON group in their wall post
- Extra points for linking to the HIGH MOON comic and writing "Happy Birthday High Moon"
- After I verify your post, I will contact you by Direct Message to get your mailing address.
- This offer is good for the FIRST 25 people who change their avatars to celebrate HIGH MOON
- Swag bag will take about two weeks to deliver.
- One offer per household.

- Since BOX 13 is also celebrating its birthday this month, BOX 13 loyalists who change their avatars to characters from BOX 13 will receive a BOX 13 swag bag.
- We have 13 of these to give way.
- One offer per household.

We'll have a LOT of stuff to share tomorrow -- including our tip of the hat to Zuda Comics on the third anniversary of their launch, as well as some other surprises, so stay tuned!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

31 Days of HIGH MOON: Halloween Reading

"Who doesn’t love a good scary story, especially this time of year?" -- that's the question Kevin Pearl asks and answers with a post that examines some of this season's TOP HALLOWEEN READS available through comiXology.

Here's what he had to to say about HIGH MOON:

High Moon #1-#11: Werewolf’s and Cowboys, two of the halloween costumes that may never go out of style and neither hopefully will this award winning digital comic that celebrates 3rd year on the web this month as a comic tailor made for halloween. It’s a little tough to pick out a single issue from a series so ripe with horrors and twists so go ahead and download all 11 issues right now…if you dare!

Click here to read the entire post -- which includes THE NIGHT OWLS, BATMAN, and more!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

31 Days of HIGH MOON: High Moon Fan Art

The lovely Jess Kirby prepared this touching piece of art to help us celebrate our birthday.

Thank you so very much, Jess!

If you are an artist (of any caliber) and would like to share your tribute of HIGH MOON, drop us a link on twitter or by e-mail at: david dot gallaher @ gmail dot com.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

31 Days of HIGH MOON: Tristan Concept Art

What you're seeing here is some exclusive - never before see - concept art featuring Tristan Macgregor. Tristan, who made his debut in the Second Season of High Moon, quickly became a favorite character of many readers.

Monday, October 25, 2010

31 Days of HIGH MOON: The High Moon Art Sale Returns!


Steve Ellis and I have re-opened the HIGH MOON art store.
This is an incredible opportunity to own a piece of the critically-acclaimed series.
We have a lot of awesome and affordable pages - nearly ALL of them priced for $50!

You can view our online store, right here!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

31 Days of HIGH MOON: Where To Find HIGH MOON

Over the last few weeks, several of you have asked where to find digital and print copies of HIGH MOON --

The first three chapters of HIGH MOON were collected last October by DC Comics. You can order the print collection through your local area comic book shop, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Borders.

The entire series is also available digitally through Comixology' Comics or DC Comics apps for the iPhone and iPad Operating System. You can also download the issues from here - and read them on your computer or import them them into your ipad or iphone. The first issue is free -- and every additional issue is just 99 cents!

And finally, for those of you savvy comic reading gamers our there -- HIGH MOON is also available through the DIGITAL COMICS store on the Playstation Network for your PSP.

However you choose to read HIGH MOON -- I think you'll find it is the perfect way to celebrate the Halloween season.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

31 Days of HIGH MOON: The Brooklyn Ink

Richard Nieva of THE BROOKLYN INK took some time earlier this month to stop by the studio and talk to Steve Ellis and I about creating HIGH MOON and BOX 13 for the digital age. The interview sheds some light on how Steve and I collaborate together.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

31 Days of HIGH MOON: Steve Ellis on The Beat

While we re-build some of the blog posts that Blogger ate, please check out HIGH MOON'S Steve Ellis on The Beat, which also spotlights the fine folks of Comic Social Club.

Monday, October 18, 2010

31 Days of HIGH MOON: Guerrilla Geek

The talented folks at Guerrilla Geek took the opportunity to interview Steve Ellis about the anniversary of HIGH MOON. Please take a moment to check out this great site and read this amazing interview.