Monday, July 7, 2008


Tune in tomorrow night at sundown to read the thrilling conclusion of Zuda's first reader-chosen, winning comic.


JimShelley said...

Sorry I'm late getting to the party on this one, but is there going to be a High Moon spinoff?

David Gallaher said...
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David Gallaher said...

A spin-off? Not per se.

But, we'll be at San Diego discussing the series. Come see us at the Zuda panel.

Herb said...

Props on the allusion to CĂșchulainn ;)

Very much enjoyed.

David Gallaher said...

Props on the allusion to CĂșchulainn

Thanks. There are more than a few in there.

Bob Francis said...

Congrats, David, Steve, and Co.

That was an awesome ride gents.