Tuesday, February 17, 2009

HIGH MOON named "Webcomic of The Year"

Here the news directly from webcomicgeek itself:


High Moon wins webcomic of the year ‘o8 by popular demand and I’m please to go with the majority for once. A professionally produced comic that deserves it own print run. Superb atmospheric artwork from Steve Ellis captures the essence of David Gallaher’s masterful writing. This is a comic I would pay for in a financial crisis; publishers take note.

And that's not all!


Best art
goes to Jeremy Love for Bayou for artwork that is atmospheric and dreamlike by turns. For me it is the art that captures the essence of Love’s narrative. Patrick Morgan’s work as colourist on this title cannot be ignored as it gives a vibrancy that brings the images to life.

Congratulations to Jeremy Love and Patrick Morgan for their win! And congratulations for all of the support!

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