Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Your Mom's Basement on HIGH MOON

The fine gents over in Your Mom's Basement did a quick little LAST MINUTE INTERVIEW with me over at their site. Here's a snippet on how writing for ZUDA is different than writing regular ol' comics:

When you are writing a standard comic, every right-handed page is supposed to give the read incentive to turn the page. With Zuda, literally every screen has to give the readers an incentive to click further. As a writer you have to adapt your strip to the new reading rhythm of the format. I have 8 screens, or literally, 4 full-sized comic pages to get my readers' attention. How many comics can you name off hand that get a reader's attention, reveal essential plot and character information, and are enjoyable by page 4? It doesn't happen often in the era of decompressed storytelling.

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Dave_Flora said...

Only minutes left until opening, guys....
I'm looking forward to reading your stuff!