Friday, January 25, 2008

HIGH MOON: A Sneak Peek

Some of you may have seen this piece in our recent Newsarama article. No, I'm not telling you what it means, but you can post your guesses down below.

And if you haven't had a chance to check out the new HIGH MOON pages, you can do so now!


Rich said...

My Latin's a little rusty but doesn't that translate to "We Never Sleep"?

And the design would suggest a badge, or could there be some kind of society of hunters?


dav said...



David Gallaher said...


Interesting guess, dav. Please elaborate for the class.

David Gallaher said...


You'll get a subtle hint on page 13 :-)

dav said...

Pinkertons were private guards, mostly used to protect shipments of value from bandits though they were sometimes hired to hunt down outlaws. Pinkertons were hired to track down Jesse James and various other bandits from time to time. They later became associated with labor issues though I don't know the specifics of that other than it made them very unpopular with a lot of regular people.

Their emblem featured and eye and the motto "we never sleep." This image was latter adopted by private investigators. Pinkertons had a reputation for excellence in their field and were actually banned in one state for fear that someone might hire them to be their private army and overthrow the local government, though I can't remember the exact details of that bit.

blah blah blah. I read up on them after 3:10 to Yuma came out, if I remember correctly, the older man that was executed at the beginning by the gunslinger was identified as a Pinkerton.

So I suppose our Antihero might have had a history with the organization.

dav said...

Oh, the song "Pennsylvania Miners" talks about striking miners being driven out of town/massacred by Pinkertons. Nothing like a rousing song of injustice and the labor movement. Mining hasn't really inspired many musicians.

David Gallaher said...


Fantastic digging. And, great find on that Pinkerton song!

Yup, Pinkertons were sort of bastards. And your answer is *very* close. And yes, Mac does have a history with them - and you'll have to stay tuned for part of the answer, but you easily win the 'reader of the day' title.

Page 13 provides the first *full* hint.

Dave_Flora said...

That's a great logo, and a great additon to the High Moon Lore!
I can tell that you're in your element, Dave!)