Saturday, January 5, 2008

Web Cartoonists Choice Awards

If you have a webcomic, and like awards, now is your chance to send in your nominations for the upcoming Web Cartoonists Choice Awards. Any webcomic that was active between February of 2007 up to the present is eligible to win as many categories as they qualify for.

While it'd be swell if you nominated Zuda strips like Bayou, High Moon, or Night Owls ...
Here are a few other strips that I think are equally deserving of your your attention as well:

  • James Hatton's IN HIS LIKENESS for Outstanding Comedic Comic
  • Molly Crabapple's BACKSTAGE for Outstanding Character Rendering
  • Kevin Colden's FISHTOWN for Outstanding Dramatic Comic
  • Chris Arrant's series, ONE WAY TICKET for Outstanding Character Writing

These are, of course, my suggestions ... I think the above strips certainly represent some of the webcomics in 2007, check them out ... and I think you'll agree.

(Sadly, there is no 'Outstanding Use of Concept' category, if there was, I'd suggest Dave Flora's Tales of the Revenant strip ... it's got ghosts with guns!)

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