Thursday, April 10, 2008

HIGH MOON: Voice Casting

This here is a picture of radio and television actor, Parley Baer, and he is the voice model of one of the characters in HIGH MOON: Deputy Jebidiah Garrett.

Parley Baer appeared in a slew of awesome radio and televison programs, including GUNSMOKE and YOURS TRULY, JOHNNY DOLLAR. As an on-camera performer, he was recognizable by both his voice and his paunchy appearance. He also voiced Ernie Keebler in the cookie commercials until 1997.

Jeb's voice is one of honesty, earnestness, and mild authority, which makes him the easiest character to write. Jeb might be simple, but his is no simpleton. He's not the best lawmen in the world, but might just be one of the most honest men in the Wicked, Wild West.

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