Thursday, October 28, 2010

31 Days of HIGH MOON: Halloween Reading

"Who doesn’t love a good scary story, especially this time of year?" -- that's the question Kevin Pearl asks and answers with a post that examines some of this season's TOP HALLOWEEN READS available through comiXology.

Here's what he had to to say about HIGH MOON:

High Moon #1-#11: Werewolf’s and Cowboys, two of the halloween costumes that may never go out of style and neither hopefully will this award winning digital comic that celebrates 3rd year on the web this month as a comic tailor made for halloween. It’s a little tough to pick out a single issue from a series so ripe with horrors and twists so go ahead and download all 11 issues right now…if you dare!

Click here to read the entire post -- which includes THE NIGHT OWLS, BATMAN, and more!

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