Friday, October 1, 2010

31 Days of HIGH MOON

This month marks the third anniversary of HIGH MOON as a digital comic series, it also marks a year since the publication of the HIGH MOON trade. All of that is very exciting stuff. To commemorate the event, Steve Ellis and I will be spending the entire month of October sharing a lot of HIGH MOON related goodies. We’ll talk about the HIGH MOON video game, discuss our experiences about Zuda, show a bunch of great HIGH MOON related art, discuss the Tristan spin-off, the planned anthology, the fifth season, we'll also link to some online interviews, and maybe even have a contest or two.

It is our way of saying ‘Thank You’ to all of our readers and fans for their tremendous support during our last three years at DC Comics.

So, grab your Stetson and your six-shooter -- and join us as we celebrate with a BANG!


OHOTNIG (a.k.a. OXOTHUK) said...

This is the most exciting news of recent days! I'll wait for the flow of fresh information with huge impatience.
With great respect, faithful fan from Russia:)

fundevogel said...

I don't know where to read High Moon anymore when it starts up again. Has it already?

David Gallaher said...

Season 4 is likely the last season of HIGH MOON you'll see at DC Comics. We just started to release them for the PSN, iPad, iPhone, and through comiXology - you can catch up to what you may have missed at