Monday, December 10, 2007

HIGH MOON: Balloon Placements

After I got the art from Steve, I would start doing lettering placements. I go through a lot of Post It Notes during this process. When it came to doing to 'prologue' for HIGH MOON, I printed out Steve art, cut up a bunch of Post It notes, placed them on the page ... wrote the scripty bits over top, scanned the art at 72 dpi B&W, and e-mailed it to out letterer.

This is where our letterer Scott O. Brown really stood out. Scott's experience in publishing, writing, editing, and lettering really helped transform my Post It Note Placements into something exceptional.


Dave_Flora said...

Ohh. That's a nifty (and seldom seen) part of the creative process, Dave. I'm notorious for knowing what I want to say on a page, but without writing down specifics, or changing them altogether if I get an idea from the art that I like better. The only problem with doing things that way is that consistancy can be a problem.
How close to your initial script do you stick as things develop in the process?

David Gallaher said...

How close to your initial script do you stick as things develop in the process?

Pretty close. I think I deleted maybe seven words total from the script for HIGH MOON.

We added seven or so to the script too.

So, it balanced out.

Words might look great in your script, but sometimes, they don't look right on the lettered page - so you have to give yourself the freedom to change them as you go.

The Doctor said...

As a writer-and-hopeful-future-zuda-entrant-in-training, this was an immensely helpful update. I find that I often have a better sense of placement and arrangement than my art partner, though I can't draw for beans, so this as been very helpful.

David Gallaher said...

I'd have to double check, put I think we used a 10 point typeface/font at 300 to 400 dpi.