Friday, December 14, 2007

HIGH MOON: When Will There Be More?????

Good morning,

I get the the following question often enough that I thought I'd provide an answer:

When Will There Be More HIGH MOON?????


The truth is, we are working that out now.

Again you can imagine, there's a lot of paperwork involved - and with the holidays around the corner, that doesn't help. Once the paperwork is all squared away and I know for 100% certain our exact schedule, you guys will hear about it first.

Going forward, the High Moon team will be releasing a scene (3-5 pages) at a time (and maybe even more!), rather than simply a page a week.

So, when you do see HIGH MOON again, you will be seeing a whole lot more of it!


Dave_Flora said...

Sounds Great, Dave! I'm looking forward to watching the story unfold.

The Doctor said...

I'm sure it will be very worth the wait.

Melody Moore said...

take your time, I'm sure it will be amazing. (no pressure, haha)