Thursday, December 13, 2007

HIGH MOON: Where the Hell Is Blest, Texas?

A couple of folks have asked about Blest and where it is in relation to the rest of Texas.

117 years after HIGH MOON takes place, Blest Texas might look something like this.


Dave_Flora said...

That's great! Have you spent any time in the modern "Blest", by chance? I love small town are a few favorites from Kentucky:
I was driving along about a year ago when I passed a sign for "Ghost Hollow Road", and I grew up near "Secrets Crossing"
Lovely, lovely!

David Gallaher said...

My favorite is Hell, Michigan.

RKB said...

Ever been to west Tennessee? some of our small town names: Skull Bone, finger, not 1 but 2 frog jump's, sweet lips, lizard lick, michie (pronounced mickie) and so on...