Tuesday, November 20, 2007

HIGH MOON: First Page, First Draft

Alas, my scanner is still not working quite right, so instead, I thought I'd post the first draft of the first page of script from HIGH MOON. The hyperlinks are reference points I included for Steve, who added his own unique twist. This is not the final script, but should shed some light on how Steve and I put the scene together.




Panel One:

ESTABLISHING SHOT / MEDIUM SHOT / NIGHT TIME – The full moon’s light is fully visible in the night sky. It is as bright as the sun, with a bluish tinge. There are a few wispy clouds, but not many stars. It is here that we get a small glimpse of Blest, Texas and the house of the Hunter family, theirs is the nicest house in the town.

Margaret 1 [off screen]: Dear Lord …

Panel Two:
Transition shot as we see that same light reflecting in the window of MARGARET HUNTER’S bedroom. Margaret, age six, has blond hair and blue eyes, and is the daughter of the town’s founder, GABRIEL HUNTER. (Think Dakota Fanning meets a Campbell’s Soup Kid) She is at the foot of her bed, in a full-length nightgown praying quietly to herself. Her bedroom door is slightly ajar letting some light pass through. That and the moonlight are light sources in an otherwise dimly lit room. On her bed, we see a
little doll. (circa 1890s)

Margaret 1: Please protect Mommy.

Mommy 1 [off screen]: I don’t care about your damn town …

Mommy 2: [off screen]: Or the damn silver mine!

Panel Three:

Focus on the shouting that’s coming from the door, as Margaret continues to pray … the door moves slightly …

Margaret 1: Please save Daddy

Daddy 1 [off screen]: I built THIS town! I can HANDLE The Sullivan Gang!

Panel Four:

Margaret continues to pray …the door moves slightly …

Margaret 1: And … please …

Margaret 2: God Bless Texas?

Panel Five:

The door closes. We see a shadowy form, a human-like silhouette, cast against the door.

Margaret 1: Amen.

Panel Six:

This panel is completely black. The white, lowercase text will fill up the page. The text will be strung together to indicate something wicked.

Margaret 1: nononononopleasenononononohelpmepleasesavemedeargodpleasenodon’t…

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