Friday, November 9, 2007

HIGH MOON: Mailbag

This is a little later than I had planned, but you asked the questions abut HIGH MOON, and I am here, coffee in hand to answer your questions.

Thank you all for your questions and e-mails. And now, let's get this party started.

What kind of update schedule can we expect to see with HIGH MOON?

Steve and I discussed this briefly a few weeks ago. Ideally, I'd like it to be a scene (3 to 5 screens) once a week - but obviously that is something we'd have to talk about with Zuda / DC editorial. So, I guess we'll see how that evolves if we win.

I think that HM is probably the most developed IP on the Zuda site at the moment. What made you decide to go the Zuda route instead of the typical print publication?

Thank you. Answering you questions honestly? Working with editor Kwanza Johnson was the reason I chose Zuda.

We know that werewolves are part of the story. Can we expect to see other "traditional" supernatural creatures show up (vampires, mummies)?

Well, I've already written a vampire story for another company, and I don't really like to repeat myself - so take from that what you will. And, whatever future threats you may see will be far from traditional.

There was a fair amount of ho-hah about the Zuda contracts and such before you were announced to be working on High Moon. I'd be interested/curious to hear about your thoughts on the legal issues generally, and maybe some of the concerns you were looking out for.

Steve and I were told what DC/Zuda was looking for before the contracts were even in existence. Look at it this way, I don't go to the critics homes and tell them who they should or shouldn't work for and it's not like people are getting up in arms when Hot Writer A signs an exclusive contract with Marvel, so I really don't understand all of the vitriol. We know what we are getting in to.

DC isn't looking to mess webcomics up for everyone else - they are looking to do something different - and I think that's pretty damn cool. If you want to work for Zuda, you are entering a partnership with DC, using the resources of Time Warner, so DC should certainly get a cut of that. If you are interested in working for Zuda, get a lawyer - and just read over your contracts carefully.

Do you see Macgregor someday becoming an iconic crime fighter somewhere along the lines of Jonah Hex or Wolverine?

There would be nothing cooler than that. Great stories happen because of great characters - and we feel that Mac, once his story really gets going, is going to be one hell of a character. Hex and Wolverine have stood the test of time, but I think Mac certainly has the depth and personality to evolve into something iconic.

About HIGH MOON, how many installments will there be?

If we will, there will be 52 more screens ... and after that, we'll see.

Will HIGH MOON go to print?

That is an option, if we do well enough. I would love for it to see print.

What inspires you?

Tom Waits, Old Time Radio shows, Leonard Cohen, Coffee, and Deadlines

Do you have any writing habits (write daily, listen to certain music, etc.)?

I write every day. Typically, I'll have background noise to fill the silence. Usually, whatever music I listen to directly pertains to what I'd writing. I also try to ensure that all of my essential task for the day are sorted and dealt with before I sit at my desk. I also take copious notes and usually give myself enough room to draw out and break down my scenes with pen and paper. I also like to work four hours on and four hours off, till the first draft is finished. It helps me stay fresh.

In my best James Lipton voice: What turns you on? What turns you off? What is your favorite swear word?

Intelligence. Ignorance. Damn.

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