Friday, November 2, 2007

World Building: Blest, Texas

In creating HIGH MOON, I had to do some world building to get the setting just so. Here were some of my pitch notes about the setting of our werewolf western:


Blest, Texas is located in Menard County, about 250 miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico. Its sudden growth and expansion was a direct result of the legend of the San Saba Silver Mine, which is along a small rocky offshoot of Edwards Plateau, near the San Saba River. With roughly 200 residents during the 1890’s, the town is located within 15 miles of recently closed Fort McKavett. The drought has forced many of the area ranches to close. The town itself is composed of a mixture of Americans, Irish, Mexicans, Germans, English and Wendish, with Americans comprising a 50% majority. The town has a heavy Wendish/Sorbian flavor to it. A few ‘buffalo soldiers,’ members of the 9th and 10th United States Calvary also make their home here.

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Dave_Flora said...

I like it that you've tied the drout into the story. It's interesting how this sort of natural phenomenon affects the natural (and unnatural world). It's pertinant right now to all of us living in the south-east right now....