Thursday, November 15, 2007

HIGH MOON: Status Update

From the Zuda folks:

Hey guys,
You may have noticed that we put the
Rankings live last night. Again, this show the Current Rank. You can continue to vote (or change your vote) right on up until the end of the Competition - November 30th.

Looks like High Moon is in the lead right now, so congratulations to Dave, Steve and Scott - but remember, it's not over yet! We're still about two weeks away from closing the polls and so far only 50% of the users have cast their ballot! That means half of you guys have yet to make up your mind. If you haven't voted (or if you know of someone who hasn't voted) then nows the time!

From The High Moon Team:

Thanks to all of your great support, we are in the lead, but there are 15 days left - so anything can happen. If you'd like to see HIGH MOON continue ...

Register at Zuda.Com and be sure to:
  • Vote
  • Rate
  • Favorite
  • Comment
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Thanks again!

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