Thursday, November 1, 2007

Original Character Notes for HIGH MOON

When I finally decided to type out the original HIGH MOON pitch, this what I wrote for our central character:


An ancestor of Scottish Outlaw, Robert ‘RobRoy’ Macgregor, our protagonist is a stubborn and grumbly retired bounty hunter. Underneath the rough exterior, is a cultured, well-educated, literate man.

Clad completely in black, with his six-gun strapped low on his thigh, he rides of in search of people that need protecting. He considers himself the shepherd of the flock of townspeople. The wound to his left arm remains unhealed and he keeps it wrapped. He stands about 6’2”. His eyes are deep green, his hair is a reddish brown. He’s got a medium build.

As with many, many other things in the original pitch, quite a bit of this changed - for instance - Mac, as you'll read in HIGH MOON, is not a bounty hunter, but rather a former Pinkerton.

Still, I always loved the bit about 'RobRoy.'

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