Monday, November 26, 2007

HIGH MOON: Scooped!

Steve Ellis gets interviewed in The Scoop. In the interview, he reveals some very interesting details about HIGH MOON, including this little tidbit:

The character of MacGregor was the real meat of it for me. David and I spent hours on the phone fleshing out a back story for him just so that I could outfit him. I wanted him to have a long storied history which would be evident by his clothes and accoutrements. He's got Voodoo gris-gris, an inverted sheriff's star(pentagram), rosaries, werewolf on chains around his neck, he has a rosary wrapped around his gun, he's wearing his clan tartan around his neck as a kerchief/scarf. He even has werewolf and smaller (vampire?) teeth as a decoration on his hat. These little things develop a reality about the character and it took a long time to develop. On Mac's face, I wanted you to read age, loss, sadness, and threat. I didn't spend quite as much on the other characters; they are much younger and live in a brighter happier world than Mac.

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