Tuesday, November 6, 2007

HIGH MOON: Q&A - Bring Out Your Questions

So, this evening, I was totally going to scan some more notes from my original HIGH MOON concept, but my scanner seems to be on the fritz, and since I know there actually quite a few of you out there reading this blog, I figured I'd open the floor to some HIGH MOON questions and answers.

From now until Friday, I'll be taking questions in this post about anything related to HIGH MOON, westerns, inspirations, or what have you. Friday night, I'll post the answers to you queries - and maybe even drop a couple of hints or two.

So, there you go - comments are open!


Dave_Flora said...

Oh Dave...you asked for it!) I actually have a few questions..you can answer them all, or pick which suit you most. Here goes:
1. What kind of update schedule can we expect to see with HIGH MOON?
2. I think that HM is probably the most developed IP on the Zuda site at the moment. What made you decide to go the Zuda route instead of the typical print publication?
3. We know that werewolves are part of the story. Can we expect to see other "traditional" supernatural creatures show up (vampires, mummies)?

Thanks, Dave..I'll be interested to see what sort of questions other folks have!

Sean Kleefeld said...

There was a fair amount of ho-hah about the Zuda contracts and such before you were announced to be working on High Moon. I'd be interested/curious to hear about your thoughts on the legal issues generally, and maybe some of the concerns you were looking out for.

Hannah Potts said...

Do you see Macgregor someday becoming an iconic crime fighter somewhere along the lines of Jonah Hex or Wolverine?